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12 uses of Nivea cream in a blue tin


If you ask me about a childhood memory, I have no choice but to mention the blue tin Nivea cream .

If I smell it, I feel like my mother, and if I use it… if I use it, too, really.

She used this cream for everything. And not just about her, about me too.

There was nothing that happened to me that she did not solve with a little Nivea cream.

If I came home from school with shattered knees, if I got sunburned, if I got a rash in summer … Nivea singing.

My mother became an official Nivea cream applicator.

And of course, everything sticks, right? Or so they say.

So when I got older I followed in his wake and have always had a can at home.

The fact that I have always seen one in the bathroom has made it essential for me to have one now in mine. And although it is a cream that I do not use daily, I do not like that I miss it.

So I have been collecting all those uses that my mother gave it (and that I, by age, did not need), and those other uses that other people’s grandmothers, mothers, and friends have been discovering me, and for which now I am going to have that Nivea buys in bulk so he can give me everything.

Over time, I have “learned” how to use it. And I have also learned a little more about ingredients, and that is the point that strikes me the most about Nivea, and the one that makes me rethink its use .

But before making a decision with her, I want you to know everything that this cream has given me over the years, all the benefit it offers, its urban legends, and of course, its INCI list.

Are you staying to find out?

 Nivea cream in blue tin

I remember that my mother and my grandmother had empty and clean Nivea cans that they used to store rings, earrings, buttons …

I myself have had one or another among my toys full of stickers and school things.

In fact, my first jewelry box, where I kept my communion ring and a silver bracelet, was a blue tin from Nivea.

In my teens I switched to Nivea Soft . It seemed more youthful, fresher and the small format accompanied me wherever I went.

Now I always have one of each.

As a curious fact that you may not know, I will tell you that every day 500,000 cans are pressed and 50 tons of Nivea cream are produced . That is, 125 million cans a year, filled with 12,500 tons of cream.

How do you stay?

And I don’t know how many will be sold per minute, but at that production rate, he calculates. And I am not surprised, because even the astronauts took it into space in 1983 aboard a space shuttle.

When it was created in 1911 it had a classic vintage look that was changed decades later for the iconic blue tin, the most recognizable design in the world. And of course, they do not intend to change.

And in case you’ve never wondered what the word Nivea means, I’ll tell you.

It comes from Latin, from the word “nix”, “nivis” (snow), and its meaning is “white as snow”.

Think that in 1911 there were no social networks or influencers , and even so it became the best-selling in the world on its own merits.

Is it possible that we are facing one of the best creams in the world?

 My opinion

Well, I don’t know if she will be the queen of the cosmos, but 90% of the people who use blue Nivea are delighted .

It is an all-rounder.

It is good for everything.

It can be used by children, men and women, regardless of their age.

It’s like having a bag full of bags in the sink, something everyone has.

Believe it or not, it also has its detractors.

Which I do not understand, because you can discard it for the face trying to go to more specific products, but you can always give it another use.

But hey, it is true that there are people who do not use it due to its ingredients . We are going to see this in a moment because it is true that they are not very good.

Rather, it has a couple of tidbits in there that keep it from being the perfect cream.

But I personally is a cream that I have never stopped using. I have always taken advantage of it , but more than in the face, in other aspects.

Dedicating myself to what I do, I am forced to try a lot of everything and I cannot repeat as often as I would like everything that I love.

But I have to be honest and admit that when I have the best skin, it is when I try to rest from the blog and consumerism and I go on vacation with my Nivea in hand.

I promise that the facial skin undergoes a drastic change.

And that makes me think that sometimes the simplest is what suits me best .

Now, in the era of 2.0, when the natural, the BIO and the biodegradable are in fashion, this cream is left behind in modern times, and I do not know if that will take its toll one day.

But despite everything, it is difficult to separate from her.

And on second thought, I don’t think the fact of not being BIO will ever take its toll.


If you have a good memory, remember, if not, start taking screenshots because you will need them.

 Eye bags

I don’t have dark circles, thank God. But there are specific moments in which I have slept badly, or little, and obviously they appear.

The solution?

I apply Nivea cream for dark circles with a gentle massage before going to sleep that night. The next morning, even if you haven’t had enough sleep, the dark circles have practically disappeared.

If you have problems with very marked dark circles , try doing it every night. You will notice a great improvement. I know this because I know some girls who don’t use anything else and it works perfectly for them . In addition, you will keep the area well hydrated.

Obviously, a good eye contour focused on the problem is going to be a better solution, but if you don’t have one, this cream can help you. When you wake up, use cold water and cucumber to have the perfect tandem for dark circles.

 Crow’s feet

The years are unforgiving, and if crow’s feet have already made an appearance at the end of your eyes, apply a little Nivea cream with your fingertip and gently pat it.

Do it every night just before going to bed. In the morning follow your usual routine.

Having tried thousands of eye contours, I believe that sometimes the easiest – and cheapest – works best. Disappearing does not disappear, but it does make them less deep, and having the area well hydrated is essential to prevent more from appearing.

 Face moisturizer

This was one of my mother’s favorite uses.

And although she used a lot of creams, she always ended up turning to Nivea. And hey, something helped her because she never had wrinkles. Not even that barcode that many women, over the years, have on their upper lip.

Of course, it is a very very moisturizing and very unctuous cream, so it is advisable only for dry skin . If so, with the Nivea face cream you will have the necessary hydration. You will notice that the skin is not dry or tight.

If you have it mixed or fat you can also use it, although you should do it at night, and using a very small amount so that it does not give you fat during the day.

Whatever skin you have, when you notice it very dry due to cold or even heat, you can apply it as a facial mask. You let it act for 15-20 minutes and then you remove it. This is how I usually use it when, for different reasons, I notice that my skin asks for extra hydration, or it feels dry. The result is spectacular. Extra soft and well hydrated skin.

 Anti-wrinkle cream

Many older people agree that it is the best wrinkle cream out there. And grandmothers are wise, so they must have some reason, right?

As I was saying, my mother, for example, used it for years and years and never had wrinkles.

At the moment I am free of them, and I cannot say that this is because I use Nivea regularly, but all the women I know and use it look very good .

I say that something will have to do with it.

 Post waxing

In a skin as sensitive as mine, after waxing, I usually get redness. Sometimes small red dots in the depilated area, caused by irritation of it.

Nivea cream is one of the few products that prevents me from this trance.

After waxing (or shaving in men) apply a capita of this cream and you will see how the skin does not suffer so much. Especially if you have sensitive skin like a servant.


The elbows and knees are areas that can be very dry and that applying this cream can be softened.

Think that it is one of the most hydrating creams that exist, so use it in these areas and you will say goodbye to that unpleasant dryness.

Remember that it takes a long time to absorb, so better if you use it at night. Apply to elbows and knees, and to bed.

The next morning you will notice a softness like never before.


It’s like its main use, right? Who has not ever used it for their hands?

It is the most effective solution for those who suffer from dryness in them.

I am very lazy about hand creams, I have to admit, and that leads me to overdrying sometimes. So when I notice them tight and dry I apply it at night, massage, and almost immediately I notice my hands much better, more hydrated, softer …

The only bad thing is that it takes too long to absorb for my liking, but applying a small amount and massaging well we reduce that time.

 Stretch marks

I have a lot of problems, but stretch marks are not one of them .

The same is because I have used Nivea azul very frequently in my body.

But I know that Nivea cream prevents stretch marks during pregnancy . And if you don’t believe it, ask any girl who has recently been a mommy and used it.

The truth is that it works, and I suppose it is due to the deep hydration it provides.

I use it as a prevention since I have read in many blogs, related to fitness, that it prevents stretch marks that can appear if you work with weights in the gym. Especially in the buttock area, so it is my way of preventing its appearance.

And for now it seems that it works. After 6 years doing sports, every day, I don’t have any.

Stretch marks already installed are more difficult to remove, with any cream in addition. But for trying it does not stay.


Another of the famous uses of mia mamma .

Remember that you must protect yourself well from the sun yes or yes, whatever goes ahead. But if one day you come back from the beach, or the pool, and the sun has given you more than necessary, apply Nivea in the red or burned areas. You will notice a great relief and the skin will regenerate much sooner.

I have done it sometime when I have burned, my back, especially, and puff, in 2 days like new.


If you have a scar (which is recent), apply 3-4 times a day cream in the area.

It’s very healing and it’s going to work great.

In addition, the Nivea cream helps to maintain the color of the tattoos, because being so hydrating it protects the colors very well.


I discovered this recently by reading on the internet. And I did not know what to try, but since I am crazy about everything that works for my hair, there I was.

And the truth is that I have been pleasantly satisfied with the result. Of course, the process is a bit stressful because it costs a lot to remove the Nivea from the hair later, but seeing the result, it is worth it.

My hair is great, soft, hydrated, and overall looking good.

How is it done?

Well, take a little Nivea cream and apply from medium to ends.

If you want this remedy to be even more beneficial, add a few drops of olive oil to the cream. You let it act for half an hour, or an hour if you have very damaged hair, and after this time it rinses well and shampooes regularly.


Dry feet? No problem, before going to sleep put some Nivea cream on the feet, heels, and toes. Give a gentle massage and put on some socks. Go to bed like this and you will see how your feet wake up the next day.

The feet and heels will be hydrated and soft.

I usually do it once every 15 days to keep them good always. If you have very dry feet do it every week, you can even do it 2 times in the same week.

 Update: 7 more uses

  • Dye

If you dye your hair at home, you will surely stain your forehead, neck and ears with dye.

If the color is very dark, then it is difficult for you to take the same life, especially with strong colors such as reds. You may even have to go with your forehead stained for a couple of days.

Well, to avoid this, put Nivea cream in all these areas and leave it as long as you are coloring and, of course, the waiting time. Then remove with a cotton pad or a towel and wash your head regularly, you will see that you do not have any stains.

  • Tattoos

When you get a tattoo, the tattoo artist himself recommends good and specific creams for the days after.

But if by any chance you run out of it, apply a generous amount, as a protective layer, on the tattoo with Nivea cream. It helps to heal the tattoo as it is very nourishing and protects the color.

  • Burns

If you get burned in the kitchen, with the hair straighteners or the clothes iron, apply cream abundantly to the affected area.

Unfortunately, the burn is done, but at least it will prevent blisters.

  • Lipstick

It is perfect for hydrating and protecting the lips.

When you notice them dry, dehydrated, with little skins, apply a little before going to sleep and the next morning you will have the perfect lips.

You can apply it at any time of the day if you have them very bad.

  • Facial make-up remover

When there was not so much variety and so many types of specific make-up removers for each skin type and for each area, the grandmothers, who are wiser than anyone, used this cream to remove make-up from the face.

You just have to put Nivea on the face and remove with a wipe or cotton ( and if it is reusable better ). Save the world.

The good thing about this step is that in addition to removing makeup, you are hydrating the skin.

You can do it every day if your skin admits it because it is dry. And it is a good option if you are caught in a moment without makeup remover or away from home. You can carry a small can in your bag and it will get you out of any trouble.

This cream is very creamy, so if you have very oily skin, do a little test first in case it leaves your skin too greasy. Although you can also wash your face after removing makeup and remove the excess.

  • Nose

When you catch a cold or have an allergy that makes you sneeze a lot, the entire area of ​​your nose can become very dry. If this happens, apply Nivea and you will end all the irritation, redness, or skin that has come out.

  • Chafing

A good way to avoid the dreaded chafing of new shoes is to apply a little Nivea to them.

Put cream on the back, right at the seams or where you feel it will rub against you. You will see how they soften avoiding the annoying chafing and blisters of the feet.

Surely that way you don’t mind so much brand new shoes 

 Cream myths

On the internet there are certain types of hoaxes about this cream, and I think it is acceptable that you know it because although it works very well in many things, it is not a miracle cream.

  • Stains

First of all, I would like to clarify that this particular cream will not remove blemishes on the skin. For that you have to look for specific creams and always use sunscreen.

  • To make you brown

I have come to read, and see with my own eyes, how there are people who wear blue Nivea on the beach. Especially on the face. Serious mistake.

Not serious, very serious .

It is one thing to apply it on the back to nourish the skin and another to use it as a cream to get a brunette. Trust me, sun protection always.

  • To increase buttocks

Another of those legends that I do not know where they come from but there is no where to catch them. There are videos that claim that applying Nivea cream from the blue can increases the size of the buttocks.

Yes, and if you put it every night on your face, you will be JLo in 3 months.

We are going to be serious gentlemen. If you want to increase your butt, go to the gym.

No cream is going to put the Kardashian ass on you.


Well, we come to what I like, INCI.

And I like it because this is where the good and the bad are discovered.

In advance I say that I am not an expert in ingredients or formulations, and I do not pretend to understand them, but I usually stop to look for what are the ingredients that sound bad to me, or those that I have in mind from hearsay that are not very suitable for the skin.

I like to be informed and I like to know what shit I’m putting myself in the body

So I’ll tell you that it has the most famous cream in the universe.

AQUA , PARAFFINUM Liquidum , CERA MICROCRISTALLINA , GLYCERIN , LANOLIN ALCOHOL , PARAFFIN , Panthenol , Magnesium Sulfate , Decyl Oleate , Octyldodecanol , ALUMINUM stearates , Citric Acid , Magnesium Stearate , LIMONENE , geraniol , CITRONELLOL , cinnamyl ALCOHOL , PARFUM

And we started badly because the second ingredient is PARAFFINUM LIQUIDUM and in case it doesn’t sound like what it is, I’ll tell you this bluntly: a petroleum derivative .

How do you stay?

Well, this ingredient is used by many cosmetics because it is a skin-protecting, film-forming, smoothing agent. The bad part is that it is occlusive, in addition to having a low biodegradability, or what is the same, it is polluting.

As a third ingredient we have MICROCRYSTALLINE WAX, a highly refined plastic type wax. Also derived from oil, which serves to thicken and give creams that solid texture. This ingredient is prohibited in everything that is BIO .

A little further on we have PARAFFIN, a smooth white solid wax made from oil. It is the one that helps keep the skin in good condition but is not very biodegradable, not to mention that it is a paraffin, a mineral oil.

The rest of the ingredients that you see marked in yellow are different types of chemical preservatives and alcohols that basically serve for that, preserve the product, give it fragrance, dissolve other substances, etc.

Greens are the acceptable and most beneficial ingredients for the skin.

And now that?

What do we do?

If we go to the part that touches us, I have to say that I have used this cream since I was born, and I have never felt that it has given me problems .

I have never had any kind of allergic reaction or weird symptom.

My mother used it to the end of her days and if she could have, I know she would have taken a can to the rainbow she’s in.

If we go to the environmental part, it is a nuisance that it has little or no biodegradable and polluting ingredients.

I am in a moment of change.

I want to lead a healthier and better life with myself and with what surrounds me, and that makes me wonder whether to continue paying homage to the Nivea blue cream of all my life or to break my relationship with her completely.

Nothing in this life is so essential as not to be able to replace it, but I still leave a can in the bathroom, even if it is empty, because it will always remind me of better times.

For my part that’s all. Nothing more to add, your honor.

But I would like you to tell me what you use it for and since when it has been in your life.

And of course, I hope I have been helpful, or at least entertained you.

And one more thing.

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It’s free.

And you will always have something interesting to read in the mail when you go on the subway, when you are waiting for the bus, in the advertisements for the Antenna 3 movies …

It is the best way to discover cool things.

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And they are also free.

I of you, I stayed.

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